For the past four years, the Learning for Change team worked on different field manuals covering a wide range of topics. Advocacy Strategies, Gender Responsive Planning and Monitoring, Women Leadership, Staff Wellbeing and Gender Equality and Diversity. For further information on the manuals, please contact:

Gender disparity in the socio-economic and political spheres of life limits the types of roles and responsibilities that women can take. Media is an important tool to either foster or challenge gender disparities.

From 2014 to 2016, a Consortium of 5 Austrian NGOs led by HORIZONT3000 and involving the Red Cross Austria, SOS Children’s Villages Austria, Caritas Austria and CARE Austria, implemented a pilot project with the objective to strengthen capacities of East African NGOs in the field of policy dialogue. This video presents main learnings and recommendations.

Advocacy is integral to delivering CARE’s vision. This manual is a toolkit of approaches, techniques and additional resources to help CARE staff think about how to integrate advocacy into their work.

This guide addresses gender-based violence in Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda through different advocacy activities.

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